Cinema Jacksonville NC: Your Go-To Destination for Video Partners

Films Jacksonville NC can be a present day cinema in Jacksonville, North Carolina. The movie theater characteristics 16 screens that show up to date Hollywood launches, like 3 dimensional video clips. The theatre in addition has cost alternate options, together with high-class recliner seating and an exceptional audio system.

The theater’s concession take a position supplies a range of drinks and snacks, such as exquisite popcorn, scorchingcandy and dogs, and various coca cola. At the same time, there is a assortment of hometown create beers and wine, rendering it an awesome spot for a relax right after a extensive daytime.

Aside from normal video screenings, Movies Jacksonville NC provides many special occasions, for example superior screenings, film festivals, and live your life programs of societal occurrences. They also have a achievements strategy that rewards regular moviegoers with totally free concession and tickets goods.