What is an 8-K financial statement? (2024)

What is an 8-K financial statement?

Form 8-K is known as a “current report” and it is the report that companies must file with the SEC to announce major events that shareholders should know about. Companies generally have four business days to file a Form 8-K for an event that triggers the filing requirement.

What triggers an 8-K filing?

Results of Operations & Financial Condition

Any public announcement disclosing any material non-public information regarding the company's results of operations or financial condition in respect of a completed quarterly or annual fiscal period.

Is an 8-K filing good or bad?

There are many reasons a company would file an 8-K, making it one of the required forms most commonly submitted to the SEC. These material events could be anything from changes in corporate management to acquisitions to an updated fiscal year end date.

What must be disclosed in an 8-K?

The SEC Form 8-K Instructions provide that the following events, among others, require the public company, referred to as registrant, to file a Form 8-K outlining the event: entry into or termination of a material definitive agreement, bankruptcy, completion of acquisition or disposition of assets, results of ...

When must an 8-K be filed?

A report on this Form is required to be filed or furnished, as applicable, upon the occurrence of any one or more of the events specified in the items in Sections 1–6 and 9 of this Form. Unless otherwise specified, a report is to be filed or furnished within four business days after occurrence of the event.

What is the difference between 8-K and 10-K accounting?

A 10-K report is a quarterly report of financial performance. It contains earnings and expenses from the previous quarter and compares those results to the year before quarter. An 8-K report is a report listing anything that happens in a company that will materially effect earnings.

Who must file an 8-K?

Any publicly traded U.S. company must file the 8-K form.

What happens if you file an 8-K late?

Form 8-K Filed Late, Stock Exchange Action: NYSE and NASDAQ require late filers to issue a press release announcing their failure to issue a timely report. This could harm your share price or reputation. Egregious or repeated violations may result in delisting.

Who signs an 8-K?

Form 8-K is signed on behalf of the company by any authorized officer. Form 8-K is not required to include the CEO and CFO certifications mandated by Section 302 or Section 906 of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

Is an 8-K an earnings release?

Furnish earnings release to the SEC on Form 8-K prior to the earnings call. Form 8-K—Item 2.02(a). A registrant must furnish on Form 8-K any public announcement or release of material nonpublic information regarding its results of operations or financial condition for a completed quarterly or annual period.

Are 8-K filings public?

Companies are required to make most 8-K disclosures within four business days of the triggering event and in some cases even earlier. The public can find 8-Ks on the SEC's EDGAR website.

What is the difference between 8-K and 6K filing?

The 8-K is filed when a company has a material event that affects its financial position, while the 6K is filed when a foreign company has material information to report.

What is a super 8-K filing?

Super 8-K means a copy of a substantially final Current Report on Form 8-K that the Company will file with the SEC in connection with the Share Exchange (which Current Report contains, among other information, risk factors concerning the Company and financial statements required to be filed therewith).

What is a direct financial obligation?

The item defines a "direct financial obligation" as any of the following: a long-term debt obligation, as defined in Item 303(a)(5)(ii)(A) of Regulation S-K (17 CFR 229.303(a)(5)(ii)(A));

Does the 10-K include audited financial statements?

The annual report on Form 10-K provides a comprehensive overview of the company's business and financial condition and includes audited financial statements.

Where can I find 8-K filings?

EDGAR – The SEC's EDGAR database provides free access to corporate filings, including registration statements, prospectuses and periodic reports filed on Forms 10-K and 10-Q, as well as recent corporate events reported on Form 8-K.

What does K stand for in accounting?

K comes from the Greek world "kilo" which means one thousand and is used in metric / decimal systems. The corresponding prefix for one million is M. An amount in the accounting and financial world shown as $14K would equate to $14,000.00.

How many times per year that a firm files the 10-K filing?

10-K is short for Form 10-K, which is a document the SEC requires all public companies to file each year. The form presents a financial picture of the company, detailing its revenues, assets, and liabilities for the previous year.

What financial statements are in a 10-K?

This in- cludes the company's income statement (which is sometimes called the state- ment of earnings or the statement of operations), balance sheets, statement of cash flows and statement of stockhold- ers' equity.

Do foreign companies file 8-K?

Foreign private issuers need not file quarterly reports on Form 10-Q or current reports on Form 8-K. However, for those foreign private issuers listed on the NYSE, the NYSE requires the filing of semiannual unaudited interim financial information covering the company's first two fiscal quarters.

Do I have to file taxes if I made 8000?

So as long as you earned income, there is no minimum to file taxes in California.

How to date an 8-K?

TL;DR - There should only be one date on the 8-K cover page and the value for the Document Period End Date for XBRL or Inline XBRL should be the date of the report, which is the date of the earliest event. For more information on the Document Period End Date for Form 8-K, see the second table in Section 6.5.

What happens if you file financial statements late?

What Happens If You Don't File? Usually a state will smack your business with a late penalty, as a kind of warning shot, to get you to file your annual report as soon as possible, and you'll usually have a second deadline before the state takes any further action against your business.

What is the purpose of a proxy statement?

A proxy statement is a document provided by public corporations so that their shareholders can understand how to vote at shareholder meetings and make informed decisions about how to delegate their votes to a proxy.

What happens when a company does not file 10-K?

Late filings delay disclosures that help investors make informed investment decisions and, as a result, increase information asymmetry and trading costs. Late filings may also trigger costly regulatory penalties and covenant violations.

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